The Proper Mask 

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Box with 5 masks

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The Proper Mask offers the highest level of comfort and protection.

The perfect mask when social distancing becomes difficult – for you and others.

In health and elderly care, public transportation, hospitality, production, business meetings, while exercising or when attending events.

Masks will be shipped in a reusable grip seal bag.


Filtrated air
without Blow-By

Made in Germany

Optimal skin-

& Air-Plus+®

Perfect fit
without straps

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3 X Box with 5 masks

The most innovative and comfortable adhesive face mask. Suitable for popular sports and travel.

The Proper Mask was tested at the Technical University of Munich with several test subjects until they were exhausted. Although our mask cannot yet be used for Olympic competition, it can certainly be used in sports training - even in competitive sports.

Whenever social distancing becomes difficult or impossible: The Proper Mask offers great comfort, a perfect fit and allows easy breathing (filtered air only).

Take a look behind the scenes in the feature from BR Fernsehen:

Feel comfortable whatever you do



FFP2 mask
with strips

The Proper Mask
FFP2 adhesive


Gapless sealing




Use mirror or front-facing camera of smartphone and peel off top liner

Fix middle of top segment of the mask on nose. Then smooth down left and right top wing on each side of nose and cheeks.

Peel off bottom liner

Adjust and press middle wings on your cheeks overlapping top wings while opening mouth slightly

Fix middle of bottom section firmly on chin and pull bottom wings left and right

Fix tips of bottom wings on top of middle wings onto your cheeks while smoothing down any wrinkles

Scientifically proven results

by  and 


Retention capacity of The Proper Mask vs. FFP2 masks: Mas-Q-Check by palas

The Proper Masks retention performance is significantly better compared to a normaly worn FFP2 mask due to its perfect fit and gapless sealing.

  • FFP 2, normal fit 30% 30%
  • The Proper Mask 80% 80%
  • FFP2, pressed down on face 80% 80%

Several studies were conducted at the TUM, including a high performance physical exercise test at the exercise biology lab, confirming the mask’s breathability.

In another scientific study conducted at the Chair of Analytical Chemistry and Water Chemistry at the Technical University of Munich, the filter of The Proper Mask achieved a retention capacity of well over 99% - in other words, the number of aerosol particles over the Covid relevant size range was reduced by more than two orders of magnitude.

The filter efficiency remains high even when wet.

According to the expert commission’s report, masks play a vital role in preventing the spread of airborne and aerosol transmitted diseases. The Commission also stated that this holds particularly true indoors and whenever safe distances cannot be maintained.

Furthermore, it is critical that the mask covers the mouth and nose permanently and that the mask allows no leakage, making The Proper Mask the ideal protection whenever it matters.

Work in the medical field or elderly care

Working with others

Attend business meetings

The Proper Mask also gives you superior protection while taking public transport, visiting your loved ones and doing sports indoors.

Take public transport

Do sports and work-out indoors

Visit your loved ones


What our customers say about our masks

This is a revolution! I had to go 4h by train to attend a business meeting and this mask changed my world – breathing is way easier, it fits perfectly and I felt save during the whole trainride.

As a doctor, I need to make sure to be safe for myself and my patients. Wearing The Proper Mask essentially throughout the day, I really appreciate its comfort and easy breathability. But what convinced me the most was that my patients could understand me well again.

I'm a waiter and have to wear a mask all the time during work. All the masks I've tried didn't fit well and became itchy and warm over time. Now I sometimes even forget that I'm wearing a mask at all! 

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Frequently asked questions

What is special about The Proper Mask?

The Proper Mask is a completely new answer to our current challenges. It is far more comfortable to wear than any other mask whenever it matters and social distancing becomes difficult or impossible, e.g. in public transportation, in health and elderly care, in hospitality, in production or business environments.  It is also a great way to enjoy a sports or cultural event, go to the movies or exercise in your favorite gym.

What is The Proper Mask made of?

It is made from the best materials available and we have optimized those for our purposes. All filter materials are made in Germany and the production takes place in Germany and the UK.

The flexible and highly skin sensitive adhesive material has been tested for years to ensure safety and comfort.

How long can you wear The Proper Mask?

We recommend to use it for up to 3-4 hours, except when exercising and sweating heavily and the mask becomes seriously damp. In this case we recommend to change it after finishing your game or exercising.

The mask can be lifted to drink but should not be taken off completely while exercising.

Is it possible to eat or drink while wearing the mask?

Drinking or eating a snack is possible by loosening the bottom part of the mask but it is not meant to be taken off completely and reapplied multiple times.

Is The Proper Mask certified?

Yes. It has regulatory approval according to European FFP2 norm and Chinese KN95 norm.

What should be considered when applying the mask?

The mask should be applied to dry and clean skin and hands should by washed before applying and removing the mask. Obviously, as with any other mask, longer beards have an impact on the mask’s performance.

The Mask shall not be applied onto irritated, scratched or injured skin.

Does the mask also work on beards?

Obviously, as with any other mask, longer beards have an impact on the mask’s performance. Shortly trimmed beards will not significantly impact the performance.

Is the mask skin sensitive?

Yes. The filter material meets OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and allows an optimal skin-compatibility. The adhesive material has been tested and developed to be highly skin sensitive.

Are there any known cases of skin irritation?

So far we are not aware of any cases whereby the mask cased skin irritation. If skin irritation occurs as a result of wearing the mask please remove mask, consult a doctor and inform us.

Why is it easier to breathe with The Proper Mask?

We only use high quality filters Made in Germany with Easy-breath® Technology and Air-Plus+® Construction to create an almost normal feeling of breathing.

Additionally, you only breathe through the filter and no additional layers of cotton, etc.

How does The Proper Mask hold without straps?

The Proper Mask is self-adhesive and is directly applied to your skin.

Can I sing or shout with The Proper Mask?

The mask’s flexibility allows for singing and shouting and provides for sufficient movement of your jaws. When applying the mask, open your mouth widely to allow for extra freedom of jaw movement.

What shall I do if I feel unwell or dizzy?

The mask shall not be used or shall be removed if you start to feel unwell or dizzy.

Which precautions should be considered?

In very rare cases skin irritations may occur.

Remove immediately if you feel unwell or dizzy.

Keep away from small kids. Minimum age is 10 years.

DO NOT wear mask if skin is irritated, scratched or inured.

DO NOT position adhesive area over nostrils and mouth.

DO NOT apply mask too closely to eyes.

DO NOT touch lips or mouth while applying or removing mask.

Wash hands thoroughly before applying or removing mask.

Apply mask to clean and dry skin.

Proper fit of mask must be checked regularly.